Competitive Sport


As a modern combative sport, Taekwondo matches involve 3-5 seconds of high intensity activity interspersed with lower intensity periods. During each round heart rate can reach 100% maximum and the lactate response is high. Anaerobic power and anaerobic endurance must be excellent allowing competitors to repeat high intensity bouts of activity with minimal rest periods.

Sport specific conditioning for Taekwondo should develop functional flexibility and maintain a low body fat percentage. It should also develop explosive power and limb speed over maximal strength and a high level of anaerobic or power endurance is crucial.

For an athlete to reach their fullest potential, they need a wide range of externally supplied inputs, to go with their own input of effort, willingness to learn and perseverance. It is the purpose of this the Competitive stream to outline the athlete's annual training cycle in order to prepare physically and psychologically for competitions.

The advanced competitive stream is selective and limited to those who have demonstrated required technical and psychological traits necessary for the rigors of high level Taekwondo competition.


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