Children Training

Taekwondo is a martial art and Olympic Sport that originated in Korea. The word itself is defined as: “Tae” means to kick, “Kwon” means to punch and “Do“ is way of life. Taekwondo as a combative style is characterized by strong, dynamic kicks.

Taekwondo is designed to teach children focus, discipline and concentration through Taekwondo training. Classes are action packed and consist of kicks, blocks, punches, forms along with some fun and games. And with our padded floor, parents feel assured and the kids safe!

Children who practice Taekwondo:

  • develop a high degree of self-respect Taekwondo builds their self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-discipline
  • gain confidence by finding that they can achieve their goals by practice and perseverance
  • develop better manners
  • develop leadership abilities
  • obtain a desire to set and achieve goals
  • develop better concentration skills
  • observe better grades in school plus increased attendance
  • develop a "Yes, I can" attitude
  • learn to take responsibility for their actions
  • develop the strength to say NO to unhealthy peer pressure
  • develop better motor skills, coordination, and strength, i.e. better fitness
  • acquire skills for physical and mental self-defense
What we do in class learn in class? Each class is composed of a warm-up period, technical component and cool down. The warm-up consists of some meditation, aerobic activities followed by stretching. This is to prepare both mentally and physically for class. The technical component consists of kicks, blocks, punches, footwork and agility skills. We also throw in some games and activities to make it fun!. For beginners, the focus is on the ABC’s: agility, balance and coordination. Class ends with some light stretching, reflection and an overall review of class.


Discipline: While we do incorporate a fun element into training, students are expected to concentrate, focus and follow the rules. Children must do well in school, make their beds and listen to parents. This is a very important part of Taekwondo.


Belt Progression: At our Dojang (Taekwondo School), students do not “get” their belts, the must earn them. For each belt level, there are compulsory movements that have to be performed. When the Master feels the student is ready, he/she will be given notification of the exam. Everyone progresses at different rates. The important thing is to give 100% each class and progress will always be made.


Uniform and equipment: All students are required to wear their uniform and belt to class. Uniforms should be tailored to fit, especially pant legs. There is a proper way to tie the belt and we will show parents. By Yellow Belt, students should tie their own belts…even if they make mistakes. At Yellow belt level, students will need sparring equipment. This includes: helmet, mouthpiece, groin guard, forearm guards, shin guards, chest protector and gloves.


Competitions: There are several tournaments each year. They are very safe and we strive to make them a positive experience. For children, we focus on and celebrate their participation and progress, not winning…they are all champions!


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