Martial Arts

While Taekwondo has evolved into a modern combative sport, it is first and foremost a martial art. Each student starts by learning basic stances, kicks, blocks, punches, self-defense, sparring techniques, poomsae (forms) and taekwondo etiquette. There is also a basic fitness component. The purpose of the beginners phase is to lay a solid physical, mental and technical foundation to prepare for the more advanced movements.

As the student progresses, the techniques becomre more complex. Advances courses involve intermediate to advanced techniques, poomsae and fighting strategy. The class tempo is more intense and there is a greater expectation to perform the techniques with power, speed and accuracy.

Taekwondo training is an excellent way to become fit, set goals, increase flexibility, meet new friends and relieve stress. Taekwondo is more than kicks and punches... it's a lifestyle!


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